Shadeports have been around for many years and different companies have tried different shapes but over time the pyramid or isometric shape has proven to be the way to go.

Shadeports are manufactured from galvanised round tubing between 48mm and 50mm in diameter with a 2mm wall thickness, the posts start from a 76mm diameter by 2mm wall thickness and move up to a 165mm diameter with a 3mm to 4.5mm wall thickness for the full cantilevers.                                                                                                                    

At Ace Awnings we utilize both the normal (Z25) and the water-resistant (DriZ) knitted synthetic fabrics range called Colourshade from Knittex. The normal or Z25 has a range of around 30 colours whilst the water-resistant or DriZ has around 9 colours.

We offer from 4 post shadeports to full cantilever shadeports as well as wall fixes which means we can almost cover any area but as we move from standard the price will too. 

Shadeports come in 3 standard sizes: 

                                                           1)     Single for 1 car is 3m wide and 5m long.

                                                           2)     Double for 2 cars is 5m wide and 5m long.

                                                           3)     Triple for 3 cars is 7.5m wide and 5m long.